We believe that whilst the pursuit of profit has to be the main aim of a business, this cannot be achieved "...at all cost".

For a company and its staff to achieve everything they aim for; balance is required. This isn't some hippy tree-hugging nonsense, it's common sense.  Unhappy staff can't be working at their optimum. If you believe your company is destroying the world your motivation might not be at its peak!

If you don't give anything back to society, don't expect society to love you. Sadly, perfection is also impossible. It's not possible to please all of the people all of the time. However, you have to try and with luck you won't annoy all of the people all of the time!

We have spent the last three years investing in our offices to provide a better working environment.

Gym – in 2009 we installed a gym for the staff to use. Membership is free and entirely optional but it’s currently being used from 6am to 6pm. The health of our staff will impact the profitability of the company. We've now installed a second gym in our Teesside office at the request of the staff working at that office.

Cycle Scheme – Heaps have signed up for the Cycle scheme and would encourage other businesses to do so too! With a minimal amount of administration it allows people to buy bicycles tax free for commuting. We’ve added a small bike shed to help keep them safe, but sadly it’s see-through so no good for smoking or snogging behind.

Mindfullness - Heap & Partners have now installed their first meditation room.  After reading an article in the Institute of Directors magazine (Director), Heaps decided to set up a room for staff to be able to get away from everything (including mobile phones) for 15 minutes. A simple to use app called Headspace, guides them through the process of starting a Mindfullness course. We believe it is important that people take a small amount of time out from the stress of the day. The room is laid out with a choice of seating and a lot of oxygenating plants to provide a quiet, tranquil environment.

Roof Garden - Heaps head office now has an award winning roof garden for staff to get away from their desks, work stations or machines and enjoy some sun (when available!) in a very pleasant garden. Once a year we close the office early on a Friday afternoon and have a company barbecue on the roof (indoors if wet).

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