Centerline RS General Service Butterfly Valves

A resilient seated butterfly valve with superior design features and materials of construction to provide repeatable tight shutoff in severe abrasive and corrosive environments for a variety of applications.

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Keystone GRW General Service Butterfly Valves


The Keystone Series GR is a heavy duty industrial resilient seated butterfly valve aimed at general purpose applications.

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T-Series - PTFE Sealed Firesafe Valve

  • Firesafe and non-Firesafe: Certified Firesafe to BS 6755 part 2 and BS EN ISO 10497.
  • Sizes: 3” (80mm) to 48” (1200mm)
  • Body styles: Double Flanged, Wafer Lugged, Wafer Flangeless
  • Geometry: Double offset giving low unseating and seating torques electroless nickel plated spherical blade periphery is an option.
  • Pressure ratings: ANSI 150#, 300#. PN 10, PN 16, PN 25. Others on request
  • Materials - Carbon Steel (ASTM A216 WCB), Stainless Steel (ASTM A351 CF8M), Duplex & Super Duplex stainless steels, 6Mo stainless steel, Aluminum Bronze, Monel,  Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy B&C, Titanium

The shaft is of one piece construction with an anti-blowout feature on the non-drive side and a reduced diameter at the actuator end. If failure of the shaft -to -disc connection, or internal failure of the shaft occurs due to excessive torque, no portion of the shaft can be ejected from the valve as result of internal pressure.

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Corrosive & abrasive duty

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