We supply Hindle Valves, Hindle Cockburns Ltd, part of Tyco Valves & Controls, supplies floating ball valves for use in process industries, including applications at low and cryogenic temperatures; trunnion mounted ball valves suitable for the high pressure conditions encountered in oil and gas production; and fluoro-elastomer lined ball valves suitable for handling extremely corrosive fluids or in applications demanding high levels of product purity.

Floating Ball Valves

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Product News

Corrosive & abrasive duty

Designed and developed by our in-house engineering team,

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Saunders I-VUE Sensor

The new Saunders I-Vue sensor is a high accuracy continuous sensor for aseptic diaphragm valves.

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Pentair choose Heaps

Heap & Partners are delighted to announce their appointment as the UK Master Distributor for the Pentair range of valves and automation accessories.

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Trade in your old communicator

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