Lucifer Solenoids

Heap & Partners are pleased to announce their appointment as the official North West of England distributor for Parker solenoid valves by Parker Hannifin’s Fluid Control Division.
Parker Hannifin’s extensive range includes Lucifer solenoids, Skinner solenoids and Gessate solenoid valves, all of which offer unique technical and commercial advantages. The standard range is available in 2, 3, and 4 way designs, either for direct pipe mounting or with NAMUR interface, with body materials including stainless steel, brass, synthetic material and aluminium. The range is suitable for most hazardous areas meeting European Cenelec and ATEX standards including EEx e, EEx m and EEx ia IIC T6.

Click on the links below to download individual product brochures from the range.

Click here for a Parker Lucifer solenoid valve brochure.*

Click here for a Parker Skinner solenoid valve brochure.

Click here for a Parker Sinclair solenoid valve brochure.

Click here for a Parker Goldring solenoid valve brochure.

Pneumatrol Solenoids

Pneumatrol is a leading British manufacturer of high quality solenoid, air pilot and manual control valves.


Our core product range of hazardous and safe area pneumatic solenoid valves is available with a complete range of approved pilot solenoid operators.

The innovative designs include valves for high flow applications and valves for operation across wide temperature bands.



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