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Heap & Partners are the official representative for the Parker Instrumentation Division. Stocking the full range of instrumentation valves, fittings and manifolds, the Parker range acted as the core that Heap & Partners have built up their Instrumentation Division around.

Parker Instrumentation have introduced ‘Phastite’ a new type of permanent, high integrity connector, click here for further information.

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Click here for a sample of the Parker declaration of interchangeability with Swagelok.

Click here for Parker A-LOK and CPI fittings.

Click here for Parker Hannifin ball valves.

Click here for Parker Hannifin check valves.

Click here for Parker Hannifin H Series 2 valve manifolds.

Click here for Parker Hannifin H Series 3 & 5 valve manifolds.

Click here for Parker Hannifin Pro-bloc DB&B manifolds.

Click here for Parker Hannifin DB&B manifolds/flanged products.

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Instrumentation Tubing

Heap & Partners carries a stock of seamless precision tubes for use in instrumentation with smooth bright annealed surfaces and with strict requirements to deviation in diameter and wall thickness therefore reducing the risk of leakages when connecting with Parker single or twin ferrule couplings. Our Instrumentation tubes are available in stainless, duplex, nickel or titanium with diameters from 1.5 mm OD to 60 mm OD on random lengths of 6 meters or on coils up to 1000 meter long without welds. They are to the highest quality supplied from EC, US or Japan origin to specifications including: ASTM , ASME, DIN, ISO, EN, NACE, PED, Norsok, AD 2000 W2, TÜV and Lloyd’s Register.

Wade Fittings

Wade fittings are a range of single ferrule brass compression fittings that consistently produce cost effective, reliable leak tight joints. They can be found in general use throughout the following industries: hydraulic; pneumatic; automotive; oil & gas; power generation; air conditioning; heating and ventilation.
All Wade fittings are manufactured to BS2051 Part 1 and are available both in imperial and metric sizes.
To compliment this range of fittings stocks are also kept of copper tube both plain and plastic coated, nylon and PVC tubes.

Wade fittings

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