Saunders EX Diaphragms

Saunders® EX Endurance Diaphragm features two-piece leaf-type construction. The diaphragm consists of a wetted modified PTFE face with a non-wetted fabric reinforced Silicone backing cushion.


The Silicone backing offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures compared to EPDM. EPDM rubbers suffer damage with prolonged exposure to temperature such as encountered during heat sterilization. This damage results in loss of resiliency and resistance to compression set and reduces the ability of the EPDM backing to properly energize the wetted PTFE diaphragm face.

Outstanding high temperature performance and resistance to long term exposure at elevated temperatures and ideal for steam distribution and supply, sterile barrier, and block-and-bleed applications.

Improved seal-to-atmosphere performance and reduced requirements for re-torqueing of fasteners after thermo cycling.


EX Diaphragm Datasheet

EX Diaphragm FAQs


 Saunders Passivation Diaphragm

The Saunders® Passivation Diaphragm is designed specifically for use during passivation of stainless steel systems in life science applications. This new diaphragm is a practical solution for the industry where it is common practice to replace seals and valve diaphragms after passivation. Each passivation diaphragm is equipped with a high visibility, bright yellow tag that extends outside the valve assembly, indicating that the installed diaphragm is for passivation use only. This cautionary feature reminds end-users of the diaphragm’s sole purpose, thus reducing the risk that it will be left in the system after exposure to passivation chemicals and preventing possible contamination from detritus or anodic components becoming embedded in the diaphragm face.


Passivation Diaphragm Product Data Sheet


 Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms

Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms are developed, compounded and manufactured entirely in-house.

Saunders® elastomer and PTFE diaphragms are ideally suited for demanding bio-pharm applications, including: compendium waters, process, CIP and SIP.

All HC4 Diaphragms conform to FDA, USP and ASME BPE Standards and are ADCF and fully lot traceable.


HC4 Diaphragm Storage & Shelf Life


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