• The Science Inside: Proprietary diaphragm technology provides exceptional sealing and complete emissions control.
  • Unmatched Experience & Innovation:  A comprehensive selection of polymers delivers superior corrosion and abrasion resistance for a wide range of demanding applications, since 1928.
  • Efficient Operation: Top  Entry design enables in-line maintenance to reduce plant downtime.


Lining Chemical name Body material   Size Temperature
Cast Iron Flanged BS EN 1561 GJL-250 DN15 - DN500 -10 Deg C to 175 Deg C
SG Iron Screwed BS EN 1563 GJS-450-10 DN8 - DN50 -10 Deg C to 110 Deg C
  Flanged   GJS-800-18 DN15 - DN350 -10 Deg C to 110 Deg C
Cast Steel Flanged ASTM A216 WCB DN15 - DN250 -30 Deg C to 175 Deg C
Gun Metal Screwed BS EN 1982 CC491K-GS DN8 - DN80 -30 Deg C to 110 Deg C
  Flanged   CC492K-GS DN15 - DN200 -30 Deg C to 110 Deg C
Stainless Steel Screwed BS EN 10283 1.4408 DN8 - DN80 -30 Deg C to 110 Deg C
  Flanged     DN15 - DN200 -30 Deg C to 110 Deg C


Our Metal bodies provide simultaneous mechanical support for the linings and protection against Ultraviolet (UV) attack.

The nominal bore thickness of Saunders linings range from 1 to 5.5mm depending on lining material and valve size: Glass 1mm, Rubber 2 – 4.5mm, Plastic 4 – 5.5mm.


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