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Helping Others

We hope that by giving our staff time off to help others, it will help them get more out of life.

Our staff are given 6 days paid volunteering time. They choose how to use that time.

They can volunteer to help out charities or spend their time fundraising.

Over the years the staff at Heaps have chosen a number of charities to support.

To help any fundraising efforts; Heaps will match its staffs’ efforts pound for pound.

Heaps now donate up to 10% of nett profits to charity.

Whilst the company feels this work is important, the real benefit will come from a happy more motivated staff. That should help us and our customers.

In addition to all the work our staff do, we also support three amazing local charities Involve North West, NEO Community and Tam O’Shanters Urban Farm. All three provide different but much needed support to the local community.

Helping to tackle food poverty, domestic abuse, providing incredible facilities for families and so much more.