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ValveCloud – Coming Soon!

Clearly you are the sort of customer we like – inquisitive!
You must be, to have found your way to here!

ValveCloud is our new document management system for our customers. It will enable you 24/7 to easily access your test certificates, O&Ms and associated documentation for any part supplied by Heap & Partners, which has had a unique QR code laser etched onto it.

By simply pointing your smart phone or tablet camera at the QR code you will be taken to a secure web site in the cloud that hosts your documents.

Protected by Microsoft Azure, the system keeps everything nice and safe and is fully backed up. No more lost documents or trying to find instructions in the middle of the night during a plant break down.

Initially we will be applying QR codes to our check valves, ball valves and manifolds, but gradually we will be extending its coverage to more and more of our products.

Just another way Heap & Partners is working to make your life easier.