We firmly believe the only way to grow the wealth of a country is by making things – manufacturing. However we are horrified at the generally held misconception that UK manufacturing is finished or is in terminal decline with everything heading to China or India.

Although manufacturing is only 12.5% of GDP it accounts for 47% of our exports – the only way to pull more money into the country (unless you fancy borrowing more – see Greece) is to increase exports. The service sector is improving at exporting, but by far the easiest way is to keep manufacturing. We are still the 8th largest country in the World for Manufacturing – not bad for a little Island (that puts about 185 countries behind us). Manufacturing is good for the economy, for the people and fingers crossed good for Heaps. Here at Heaps we intend to play our small part.

Phase – after 145 years of buying and selling valves we finally launched our own valve (called Phase – an anagram of Heaps), made by us in the UK. We are investing heavily in UK manufacturing and in the latest technology. In the last 12 months alone we have invested in cloud based systems, 3D printers, QR codes, augmented reality, a new 5 axis machining centre and even our first robot. All to try to give ourselves an advantage.

The result of this investment? In six months, we designed, produced and launched three new products from scratch thanks to rapid prototyping and modern flexible means of production.

From 2012 when we launched our Phase ball valves, we have now extended the Phase range to include check valves, distribution manifolds and plastic diaphragm valve bodies. Our products are now sold into nuclear, Oil & Gas, chemical, power generation and subsea markets both at home and abroad.

Heap & Partners fully intend to embrace the Industry 4.0 and all the advantages it can bring to a manufacturer

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