By definition a business must use up resources. We are taking steps to reduce our impact wherever possible.

Solar Power – we have installed the first three phases of Solar Power at our head office. More will follow, but for now we are generating 20% of our total power needs. We have spent the last three years investing in our offices to provide a better working environment.

This year we installed the UK's first Smart Flower solar panel system. A beautiful piece of engineering that tracks the sun to keep it at optimum power generation and just like a flower it closes up at night.

We have also recently added in four charge points for our growing fleet of electric hybrid cars.

Product News

Pentair choose Heaps

Heap & Partners are delighted to announce their appointment as the UK Master Distributor…

Corrosive & abrasive duty

Designed and developed by our in-house engineering team,

Saunders EX Diaphragms

Saunders® EX Endurance Diaphragm features two-piece leaf-type construction.

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