The staff at Heaps have chosen a number of charities to support. They can nominate a charity to support and propose some form of fundraising. A small committee has been set up to coordinate and promote fundraising activities. To help this effort Heaps will now match its staffs’ efforts pound for pound. Heaps now donate up to 10% of nett profits to charity.


We believe that every company needs to do its bit to help the local schools to prepare the children for a tough jobs market. With 20% youth unemployment they need all the help they can get.

Heap & Partners provide work experience for the local schools, attend careers days, provide factory tours, give talks on a range of topics including interview techniques and manufacturing.

We believe that we must educate the youth of today to consider all the advantages of a career in manufacturing. It worries us the number of times people say “I didn’t think we made anything in Britain anymore”. Britain is still the 8th biggest manufacturing country in the World, which puts something like 188 other countries behind us! People need to be made aware of this impressive fact! It’s not bad for a little island!

Product News

Pentair choose Heaps

Heap & Partners are delighted to announce their appointment as the UK Master Distributor for the Pentair range of valves and automation accessories.

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Corrosive & abrasive duty

Designed and developed by our in-house engineering team,

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Saunders I-VUE Sensor

The new Saunders I-Vue sensor is a high accuracy continuous sensor for aseptic diaphragm valves.

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Trade in your old communicator

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