Heap & Partners are rightly proud of our award winning 3P's program. The 3 P’s are People, Planet, and Profit. This three pronged initiative covers Profitable Growth, minimising our impact on the Planet and helping local and overseas People with our radical volunteering program.

We believe many of the world's problems are the result of economic growth and yet, ironically, it is only business that can develop the capital, knowledge and drive to solve those same problems. Capitalism has been a force for great good and at the same time harm, but only capitalism, applied correctly and responsibly, can provide the solution.

We believe that profitable growth is vital; not to simply fund business as usual but to enable it do its part in solving some of the problems the world faces.

Already a multi award winning company for our environmental work, we decided in 2012 to raise the bar by aiming to become the first company in our industry to be carbon neutral. In 2017 we achieved that goal. Heap & Partners is now a carbon neutral company and we believe the first in our industry to achieve that aim.

As a company, we must be concerned about waste and we hope that in trying to achieve carbon neutrality the company will deliver serious cost savings to the bottom line. In an industry that has to operate on slim margins, that should be of interest to every company.

Aiming for carbon neutrality is not some tree-hugging whim, but a hard-headed realisation that every tonne of carbon saved is more profit on the bottom line. We live in a World of finite resource, which we can't afford to squander.

Perhaps the most radical measure we are implementing is our volunteering program. Each member of staff is given 6 days paid volunteering time per year. For Heaps this equates to the company donating one person full-time for a year to a charity, a major investment for any company!

We believe companies have a vast range of skills that can make a massive difference to all sorts of charities. We put our skills to good use by letting staff have time off from their normal duties to provide hands-on support where it's needed. In return the company hopes to see staff morale boosted and perhaps some nice local PR.

If companies are to remain profitable they must retain their best staff. Sometimes work is not enough to keep people motivated. Some work for a company because they love the company, some work because they love their job and some work simply to pay the bills. People move between each category depending on their mood and most recent experiences, but it's the last category that should worry employers. If you have good staff that are only working for the money how will you motivate them?

We also believe that by widening our focus from a single P (Profit) to the 3 Ps, the whole company will benefit, including the bottom line. So, how do we sum it all up? "We hope that our 3 P’s program will do some good and enable us to have some fun on the way".


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