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Tescom Regulator

Wondering which regulator to choose? You’re not the only one! It usually takes quite some time for customers to make the correct decision when choosing a mechanical regulator. There are a variety of different regulators with different settings and compatibilities.

Each regulator has a different purpose, caters to a different industry, and is suited for different media. From their technical name to their build, there are certain criteria that help Tescom customers pick the right regulator. But no worries if you’re feeling lost, here’s a description of all the various uses and builds that helps distinguish between all of Tescom’s regulators.

Types of Regulators

The first main categorization concerns the type of regulation that you need in your industry’s infrastructure. These are generally classified amongst regulators, instrumentation valves, or pressure systems and assemblies. Basically, the substances that different clients deal with usually requires a combination of all these regulators.

Some redirect pressure, some balance it, some block it and still some others handle fluid influx. Some keep a check on temperature as well as pressure, while there are others that deal with volumetric calculations and adjustments.

The sole common characteristic for all these Tescom regulators is that they are primarily used in superior pressure handling, so this leads us to our next categorization: the industry!

Tescom regulators are quite useful in mega industrial sectors, such as:


Aerospace engineering is an ever-expanding field. Tescom regulators offer crucial services in the massive machinery that are used to engineer aircraft, military air vehicles, and even modern spacecraft. The regulators are also used in quality control tests, as well as in the structure and composition of the various aerospace vehicles.

Oil and Gas

Tescom has manufactured consistently well-performing regulators for the petroleum and gas industries. Given the vast range of oil and gas reserves available across the globe, and the cutting-edge methods required to sustainably and profitably extract valuable products from these resources, Tescom’s range of regulators provide remarkable diversity and compatibility in their uses!

Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels are an emerging and expanding field, which massively relies on modern technology for its progress. Alternative fuels refer to biofuels, bio alcohols, nuclear materials, fossil fuels, a roti focal radioisotopes, and other types of nonconventional fuels that are steadily being introduced in macroscopic structures to cover fuel shortage and shift towards sustainable fuel options.

The heavy machinery required for testing, extraction, experimenting, and advancing the processes uses Telecom regulators quite frequently. Since Telecom regulators are apt for handling superior pressures, any new or unexpected twists in the field hardly pose much of a challenge!


Technologies that involve diodes, electrodes, microchips, and other micro-level electronics require highly accurate, controlled, and isolated systems. Needless to say, Tescom’s regulators provide sufficient autonomy in building systems that assist in developing and furthering microelectronics technologies, too!


Tescom has years of experience in developing industrial-scale regulators. Owing to this experience, it successfully developed a gamut of products and devices that are capable of handling high amounts of pressure with accuracy and consistency.