Baumann™ 24000 Little Scotty Control Valve

The Baumann 24000 control valve is intended for general utility service in pressure, flow, and temperature control applications.


This control valve exhibits low hysteresis and deadband, good control characteristics, tight shutoff, rugged construction, high performance packing, and easy maintainability. These attributes translate into reduced maintenance costs, reduced process variability, and increased process availability, resulting in lower long-term operating costs.

  • Baumann™ 24000 Little Scotty™ Bronze Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 24000C Carbon Steel Little Scotty™ Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 24000F Wafer Body Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 24000S Stainless Steel Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 24000SB Bar Stock Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 24003 Three-Way Globe Valve
  • Baumann™ 26000 Corrosion-Resistant Control Valve
  • Baumann™ 51000 High-Pressure, Low-Flow Control Valve

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Baumann 24000 Little Scotty Bronze Control Valve

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