Keystone K-Lok High Performance Butterfly Valves

Keystone K-LOK® High Performance Butterfly Valves are well suited for high performance applications such as steam, chilled water, gasoline, natural gas, air, oil, jet fuels and hydrocarbon process lines.


Keystone K-LOK Series 36/37 High Performance Butterfly Valve – The Keysotne K-LOK Series 36/37 is a high performance butterfly valve rated to ASME Class 150 and 300, available in wafer, lugged and flanged style. The unique design does not rely on pressure to assist sealing and therefore seals at high and low pressures, as well as dirty services.

Keystone Figure 360/362 and 370/372 K-LOK High Performance Butterfly Valve – K-LOK Figure 360/362 unique two-piece shaft and double-offset disc/shaft design allows for high cycling and creates a lower disc profile with increased capacity.

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Keystone K-Lok Butterfly Valves

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