Saunders® NX Lined Check Valve


Saunders NX Check Valve is the check valve of choice; a full bore non-return valve capable of handling corrosive media and slurries

Saunders NX check valves consist of a body, seat and a rubber disc. the disc acts as a sealing flap allowing flow in one direction only. The action of the fluid flowing in one direction will push the disc away from the seat, but flow (with a pressure>0.35 bar for water or >0.7 bar for air) in the opposite direction will press the disc against the seat, preventing fluid flow in that direction.

The NX valve utilises the body/set fastenings to directly secure the disc. The mating flanges of the body and the seat are therefore flat faced.

Avaliable in sizes 25mm – 150mm (Excluding 32mm and 125mm)

Materials: Cast Iron and SG Iron / Hard rubber lined in a range of multiple flanges to BS EN 12334

Disc material in Butyl – A great solution for diluted acids and alkalis, drinkking water and abrasive applications like phosphoric acid in low concentration

Disc material in FKM – Specially recommended for applications involving gases at high temperature, concentrated acids, aromatic solvents, low concentrate chlorine solutions, ozone and unleaded petroleum

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