AVID Switch Boxes

The AVID® (Automated Valve Interface Devices) range of position monitors represents the latest technology for the monitoring and control of automated 1/4 turn valves Features & Benefits: All AVID® products are suitable for NAMUR mounting to actuators. EasiFix® switch adjustment Vibration resistant self-locking cams are fastened to a splined shaft and can be set by hand in seconds. Since there are no set screws, the cams will never slip out of adjustment. ModMount® assembly The AVID® position monitors are directly mounted to the actuator by a low-profile mounting assembly.

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K-Controls Switch Boxes

Specifying a K-Controls switch box will give you a compact, robust product that conforms to the latest European Directive. the use of quality materials and attention to detail in the design and manufacturing processes has resulted in an excellent reputation for reliability. The requirement for maintenance has been virtually eliminated.

TopWorx Switch Boxes

By combining design and manufacturing expertise with the best switchbox, switchbox enclosures, bus networking, sensor, and solenoid technology available to create the finest valve controllers in the market. TopWorx automated on/off valve controllers are designed to provide the best fit-for-purpose approach in a wide range of process, application, and service conditions, regardless of actuator / valve type or manufacturer.

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