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Fisher™ 67C Series Instrument Supply Regulators

Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controllers, regulators, and similar instruments require direct, prompt controlling devices and components. Moreover, since these controllers are often integrated as parts of larger, more complex machines, they need controllers and actuators that are accurately and immediately responsive to constant systemic changes.

Fisher™ 67C Series  instrument Supply Regulators by Fisher Valves and Regulator Technologies is a valuable source in this regard. Founded by Emerson Fisher more than a century ago, the company manufactures its special 67C series regulators for instruments, machinery, and equipment that need precise measurement tools and with instantly changeable settings. Besides its durability and reliability, Fisher™ has also entrusted this series with a lasting service to whichever set of instruments you use it for.

What are Fisher™ 67C Valves For?

Fisher manufactures a range of regulator valves, actuators, and regulators, but the Series 67C by the company is especially meant for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controlling devices.

Briefly put, the 67C series is meant for instruments that have air-pressured, gas-pressured, or electrically maintained pneumatic controlling systems. The 67C series is basically equipped to read and consequently restore optimal pressure settings in the instrument they’re attached to.

The 67C pressure valves are designed to handle about 50 psi / 3.4 bar over the outlet of pressure, as much as four pounds of weight, and about -18 to 149 °C of temperature changes. These are most compatible with systems that require constant readings and need to arrange for spontaneous pressure or temperature releases.

Material Availability

The 67C series supply valves are available in two material options: stainless steel and aluminium. While both can withstand nearly the same types of pressure, temperature, and mass alterations, you may occasionally prefer one material over another. This may depend on the tasks you perform, the specific pressure, temperature, or weight conditions that the valve is exposed to, and the settings and build of the instrument itself.

The series is usually available in aluminium build, perhaps because it appeals more to consumers and is commercially viable. However, both stainless steel and aluminium build feature corrosion-resistant fastening mechanisms that can last for long without taking any impact whatsoever from the machine or instrument that they’re a part of!

Types of Valves in the 67C Series

You can find four types of valve controllers and regulators in the 67C series, which means that the series is compatible with an extensive range of light and heavy, simple and complex machines and instruments!

The range includes the following types of regulators:

1. Standalone Regulators

These offer a standalone fit, so machine compatibility isn’t exactly a big problem all the time. However, some settings may be difficult to execute under certain circumstances.

2. Soft Seat Relief Regulators

These have a softer base, offering increased compatibility with chemicals and hazardous or toxic substances.

3. Filtered Regulators

These offer a dual function. The first is to regulate meter readings, the second is to filter out contaminants.

4. Soft Seat and Filtered Regulators

The most complex kind of all regulators. These have a defence mechanism for their contact with damaging substances, filter out contaminants, and regulate readings, too!


Fisher’s Regulator Series 67C is a must-have for modern-day machinery and instruments. Whether you’re in a small-scale facility or in a mega-scale complex, these smaller components may always offer increased efficiency.