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Why Choose The Fisher Valve And Regulator?

Heap & Partners are the main authorised distributors for Fisher Valve and Regulator products, manufactured by Emerson. With over 135 years and six generations of experience, quality is paramount for Emerson’s designs. Emerson-manufactured products are widely respected for their accuracy, ease of use and unwavering dedication to quality. Fisher products are designed with the clients’ needs in mind and the control valves and pressure regulators are no exception.

A control valve adjusts the rate of a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water or chemical compounds by changing position. This in turn keeps the regulated process variable – typically flow rate, pressure and temperature – as close to the desired set point as possible. A pressure regulator controls the pressure of liquids or gases and keeps the output pressure constant even when the inlet pressure changes.

There is a good chance that any single Fisher valve or regulator will be in use for decades in harsh surroundings. But in modern plants, productivity and safety are key. So, it takes ingenuity, craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail to manufacture and distribute a great valve and regulator.

Prior to site delivery, every Fisher Valve and Regulator is subject to extensive, full-scale testing for the toughest industrial applications. Each item has been carefully documented since 1927 so that it can be accurately repaired to its original condition. Because you can’t afford to halt operations while waiting for your replacement part, our fast international delivery system includes a same-day door-to-door service option.

Because valves and regulators are installed in many unique applications, we are able to size and specify equipment orders on an individual basis. A pressure regulator may, for example, be used to regulate fuel in automotive engines, or compress air supply in industrial applications. So, they are provided in a variety of sizes to give users with the strongest possible performance and flexibility.

These products were created to enhance customer process safety and efficiency. So, if your process demands require a custom specification, we can characterise your Fisher valve trim to control range ability, capacity, flow and pressure staging, alongside noise and cavitation. We can also provide you with expert on-site support and commissioning, alongside in-house repairs and testing.

We also offer specialised solutions such as remote monitoring and diagnostics. Orders for emergency parts are available around the clock through our vast network of distribution channels. So you can keep your process running efficiently and minimise downtime during maintenance and daily operations.

Heap & Partners do more than just distribute to over 85 countries with our award-winning state of the art facilities. We regularly use independent benchmarking, which has shown that the number one reason that our customers pick us is our technical knowledge. With our technical expertise and millions of pounds of stock, we are here to help you to succeed.

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