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Why Choose High-Quality Fisher Control Valves?

Fisher Valve and Regulator Technologies was founded approximately 135 years ago and is now a specialist division of Emerson. With over six generations of experience plus their continued dedication to talent and technology, Emerson is now the undisputed industry leader in control valve manufacturing. Their facilities span the globe, with plants in locations including the UK, US, UAE and China.

Fisher’s objective is to supply control valves that are of the highest quality and are safe, efficient and guaranteed to last longer. A standard control valve is used in all aspects of industry. Its purpose is to adjust the rate of a running element, such as gas, steam, water or chemical compounds, by changing its position. This in turn keeps the process variable – typically flow rate, pressure and temperature – close to the desired set point.

Unfortunately, the control valve market is full of products that are not similarly fit for purpose and will ultimately cost purchasers much more in the longer term. Such low-grade valves are not designed to last and can easily break down or go haywire. These control valves can easily wreak havoc on processes and create costly downtime, as well as serious safety hazards. This can often be put down to poor quality production and testing standards.

Fisher control valves have an internationally recognised reputation for their high performance and for overcoming challenging industrial applications. As such, Fisher Control Valves undergo rigorous testing to uphold the highest possible safety standards and form a consistently reliable part of any control loop. Quality is paramount and they are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes.

Because you can’t afford to put operations on pause or risk the potentially devastating consequences of an accident, Fisher products are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. These superior specification valves are trusted to help meet production schedules, maintain quality and improve efficiency over many years in harsh environments.

The process begins in the client’s own environment – on site. Custom control valves can be designed for individual clients’ unique application needs following a visit from a local Emerson engineer. This ensures that needs are efficiently and accurately met before the manufacturing process commences.

Every control valve that Fisher produce is designed and documented so that it can be accurately repaired to its original condition where required. We are also able to offer a fast international around the clock emergency parts delivery system, as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics where required. So downtime is consistently kept to an absolute minimum.

Heap & Partners distribute Fisher Control Valves to over 85 countries through our award-winning state of the art facilities. The number one reason that our customers pick us is our technical knowledge. With our technical expertise and millions of pounds of stock, we are here to help you to succeed. Contact us today to start on your next Fisher control valve and regulator application, or discuss your current challenge.