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Product News

Product News

Phase Range of Sprung Disc Check Valves

Heap & Partners Phase Check Valves have been specially designed to cover all of customer requirements to protect systems against reverse flow on typical applications including gas, water, acids, alkalis and...

Product News

The Saunders IDV eXtreme Range

The Saunders IDV diaphragms are changing and will be known as the eXtreme range. The table below outlines the changes in terms of the diaphragm grade, and also, the diaphragm material. The older, existing, diap...

Product News

Trade in your old communicator

Why switch to 475 Field Communicator           c After 13 years of service, the 375 Field Communicator is no longer supported. That means: No spare parts No upgrades/service Limited technical support Feat...

Product News

Saunders EX Diaphragms

Saunders® EX Endurance Diaphragm features two-piece leaf-type construction. The diaphragm consists of a wetted modified PTFE face with a non-wetted fabric reinforced Silicone backing cushion. The Silicone backi...

Product News

Saunders I-VUE Sensor

The new Saunders I-Vue sensor is a high accuracy continuous sensor for aseptic diaphragm valves. Featuring: Solid state continuous sensing technology that provides precise poistion readings for the entire valve...

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Corrosive & abrasive duty

Designed and developed by our in-house engineering team, Heap & Partners have recently launched a new addition to its extensive range of control valve products. Utilising components from two industry leadin...

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Heap and Partners own Phase Range of Subsea Ball Valves Destined for Caspian Sea

First batch of 4″ and 2″, Heap and Partners own Phase range of Subsea Ball valves, for a large global project of over 170 valves made in Britain, on a 20 week rolling schedule, all destined for the ...