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Trade in your old communicator

Why switch to 475 Field Communicator           c

After 13 years of service, the 375 Field Communicator is no longer supported. That means:

  • No spare parts
  • No upgrades/service
  • Limited technical support
Features 375 475
Hardware Colour screen N Y
Memory Card 512 MB 2 GB
Bluetooth Communication N Y
Boot Up Time 30 sec 18 sec
Battery Without Backlight 9 hours 20 hours
With Backlight 5 hours 13 hours
Stand-by Mode 40 hours 80 hours
Software Easy Upgrade – DD files N Y
Enhanced Graphics with EDDL N Y
Accessories Hand Strap N Y
Rubber Boot N Y
Magnetic Hanger N Y
Support Warranty N 12 month
Repairs outside warranty N Y
Spare Parts N Y
European Technical Support N Y

 How it works                                       c

Simply contact Heap & Partners and tell them that you want to take advantage of the STAY CURRENT promotion. The promotional part numbers for this program are listed below.

  Note:              c

  • Separate part numbers exist for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus models
  • Purchase order must specify model and serial number of 375 or competitive unit being retired
  • Trade-in of the old communicator is not required

  Each package includes:  c

475 Field Communicator with Intrinsic Safety Approvals, Easy Upgrade for 3 years, protective rubber boot, system card, lead set with connectors, carrying case, charger, Getting Started guide, 475 Resource CD, stylus and straps.

With Bluetooth 00475-EU16-EN01 00475-EU16-EN03
Without Bluetooth 00475-EU16-EN02 00475-EU16-EN04

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