Parker Analytical Instruments

Parker Hannifin are at the forefront of developing new products specifically designed for the analytical market.


These exciting products are developed with the help of industry experts and by process of consultation with OEM and end user customers.

  • 4190-HV – Instument Hand Valves
  • Intraflow – Compliant Modular systems
  • Veriflo – Regulators, Valves & Flow Controllers
  • CB – Check Valves
  • CCIMS – Close Coupled Instrument Mounting
  • CP – Condensate Pot
  • GBTS, GDP, GDW, GBT – Mechanical Pressure Measurement
  • RMax – Stream Switching System
  • HPRV – Proportional Relief Valves


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Parker 4190-HV Insturment Hand Valves

Parker Intraflow Compliant Modular Systems

Parker Veriflo Regulators, Valves & Flow Controllers

Parker CB Check Valves

Parker CCIMS Close Coupled Instrument Mounting

Parker CP Condensate Pot

Parker GBTS Mechanical Pressure Measurement

Parker GDP Mechanical Pressure Measurement

Parker GDW Mechanical Pressure Measurement

Parker RMax Stream Switching System

Parker HPRV Proportional Relief Valves

Parker GBT Mechanical Pressure Measurement

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