Plenty Filmet Simplex Strainer

Long-established and universally respected, Plenty’s product range consists of high quality strainers that cover a diverse range of different application scenarios.


The filmet filter is a single strainer for high flow rates & low pressure loss.

The filmet range of filters has been designed for the protection of flow meters in all pipelines, and is equally suitable for turbine, positive displacement and orifice plate types of flow meters.

The filmet is a considerable advance on earlier filters; it allows high rates of flow through the filter with extremely low pressure loss characteristics yet maintains high efficiency filtration of the liquid.


  • No tools required for maintenance.
  • No spillage on basket and cover removal.
  • Flow from inside to outside of basket to trap dirt.
  • Baskets and inserts easily cleaned and replaced.
  • No air pockets.
  • No small parts to get damaged or lost.
  • Simple robust construction.
  • Long life ‘O’ ring sealing of covers.
  • No draining of body required for cleaning.
  • Smooth passage for low resistance.
  • Drain, gauge tappings and bosses for air release heads.

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