Saunders® Hygienic/Aseptic Range

SAUNDERS®HC4 is a leading global supplier of aseptic diaphragm valve flow solutions to the Life Science industries. A comprehensive platform of innovative forged and machined block solutions, unique in-house polymer competence and class leading automation and sensing technologies enable our customers to handle critical process applications with maximum security and efficiency.


Aseptic Diaphragm valves are supplied into critical process applications in the world’s most closely regulated industries. Full compliance to all relevant Global Standards is an essential element of the product.

  • Saunders® Machined HC4 Bio-Blocks
    • Saunders® HC4 Bio-Block design and specification guide is part of the extensive range of innovative products and services available to the
      BioPharm customer. Our Bio-Block options are complemented perfectly by Saunders® full range of standard 2-Way BPE compliant forgings, machined zero deadleg configurations, and custom fabrications. All body configurations come with full material traceability and are available with Saunders® HC4 unique range of diaphragms.
    • Full Range of Aseptic / Zero Dead leg / Serial / Multiple / Tank Weir Orientations.
  • Saunders® HC4 2-Way and Fabricated Bodies
  • Saunders® Standard 2 Way
  • Saunders® Welded Tandems and Manifolds
    • The most common customised valve concept is the tandem valve or valve and fitting combination.
  • Saunders® Standard Machined Block and Zero Dead Leg
    • Essential for the elimination of deadlegs and designed to ease installation and validation
  • Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms
    • Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms are developed, compounded and manufactured entirely in-house.
    • Saunders® elastomer and PTFE diaphragms are ideally suited for demanding bio-pharm applications, including: compendium waters, process, CIP and SIP.
    • All HC4 Diaphragms conform to FDA, USP and ASME BPE Standards and are ADCF and fully lot traceable.
      • ER (EPDM)
      • EX (PTFE/500)
      • PR (PTFE/EPDM)
      • PV Passivation
      • SR (PTFE/Butyl)
  • Saunders® Manual Bonnets
    • Clean external profile to facilitate wash down and cleaning regimes using suitable materials incorporating corrosion resistant polymer and stainless construction.
  • Saunders® HC4 Actuation
    • S360
  • Saunders® I-VUE
    • The Saunders® I-VUE is an intelligent valve sensor designed specifically for aseptic diaphragm valve applications in the Life Science industry. Compatible with Point-to-Point (P2P), AS-i, and DeviceNet control systems, the Saunders® I-VUE offers substantial benefi ts over standard switch controls.
    • Enhance Reliability and Accuracy with Saunders® I-VUE solid state continuous sensing technology that provides precise position readings for the entire valve range from 0.25” to 4.00” (DN8 to DN100).
      Simplify Installation by utilizing automated valve calibration without opening the IP67 rated polycarbonate sensor enclosure, reducing set up times to 3 minutes or less.
    • Lower Maintenance Costs by applying factory or user defined device settings to monitor valve cycle count and end point tolerance limits, preventing false alarms and unnecessary diaphragm replacement.
  • Saunders® Actuator Accessories
    • Our thoughtfully designed accessory portfolio provides you with the final elements necessary to configure an automated valve solution to pr
    • ecise control requirements. However hazardous the environment or specific the application, we have a robust, compact and proven solution. Our accessories have been installed in countless oil and p
    • etrochemical, biotech, chemical and power plants across the world, as well as in less demanding environments.
    • Simple to mount and set, our accessories are designed with fewer parts for extra reliability. Many are compact enough to be easily installed and maintained where space is at a premium. Modular versions can be used with more than one type of valve or combined with other accessories in the range to provide even more combinations. They can often be transferred to another process when their original purpose has been fulfilled.
  • Saunders® Opti-Set and Module
    • Opti-SET is a unique valve position monitoring unit designed for use with the Saunders S360 and EC actuated diaphragm valves sizes DN8 to DN50 (¼” to 2″).
    • The simple design of Opti-SET provides quick and easy installation and commissioning, compactness and reliability for applications requiring positive indication of valve position.

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