Elomatic 1/4 Turn Rack & Pinion Actuators

EL-O-MATIC Spring Return or Double Acting Rotary Valve Actuators are compact, simply designed control devices quality engineered to provide high torque outputs (to 40,000 in. lb..) and a high cycle, trouble-free life.


A compact, dual opposed rack and pinion design and guide band suspension system combine to produce a symmetrically balanced, center mount actuator with a short powerful stroke, rapid response, and fully concentric operating load capability for optimum performance.

  • P Series – Over years of the product development and state of the art designs EL-O-Matic has produced three mains rack and pinion actuator ranges starting with the P-Series in 1973
  • E Series – Ten years later in 1983, the development was started for a successor product range to cope with the changing market requirements. The result was the very successful E-Series.
  • F Series – The latest actuator, F-Series, was launched in 2014. F Series continues tradition of “Fit & Forget”, but features key improvements:
    • Standard dual stroke adjustment
    • Pressure balanced pinion design
    • Multiple spring concept
    • Premium guiding and bearing system for moving components.


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El-O-Matic Actuator

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