Revo 1/4 Turn Rack & Pinion Actuators

The REVO® Series R range of actuators is ideal for operating quarter-turn valves, especially butterfly, ball and plug valves. Typical applications are 90º or 180º rotary motion and Multiposition function.

The linear counter movement of the pistons is transmitted into the required 90º travel by means of the integrated racks of the pistons and the pinion.


All REVO actuators are suitable for on/off or modulating control operations. Double-acting actuators are operated by air in both directions (open and closed) whilst single-acting actuators can be supplied with springs to open or close. On air failure these will then go into a fail-safe position.

Features And Benefits

  • High Reliability, long lifetime and low wear. The patented, pressure balanced shaft prevent axial forces acting on the bearings.
  • High Operational Safety. Shaft and the bearing bushings, mounted from inside, are of blow-out safe design, with no need for external circlips or snap rings.
  • Robust anodised aluminium housings ensure an even expansion under thermal influences.
  • Optimally positioned, graphite infused, self-lubricating Teflon sliding bands on the piston ensure low friction operation with minimal risk of piston tilt, resulting in low wear.
  • Simple retrofitting of accessories,such as solenoid valves, limit switchand positioners.
  • Compact design allows extensive direct mounting orientations

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REVO Actuator

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